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About Metahacker.


We at MetaHacker understand the cyber requirements of today’s world, and therefore bring to you an end to end beginner to Advanced Ethical Hacking Course. Starting from basics involving concepts of networking and getting used to Linux to building practical knowledge with activities included in a tailored course for a new era of ethical hackers.

Read through comprehensively structured modules.
Warm youself up with small and basic activities making your way up to greater challenges.
Begin with a course focusing equally on practical and theoretical knowledge.

Today's age of exponentially growing technology needs seasoned hackers to protect cyberspace which is the primary goal of our course with almost daily addition of material or changes as change is the only constant.

Top Instructors

At MetaHacker you get a chance to be taught by top industry leaders and experienced professional hackers.

They have designed the course keeping in mind to cater to beginners level and kept the course engaging throughout by adding Quizzes at the end of every topic.

Portable Program

Say goodbye to the conventional text books and learn at your convenience. You can complete the course at your home or if you are traveling.

The course is designed to be very flexible according to the student’s needs. The course can work on the browser as well as your mobile app.

Improve Quickly

This course gives you the best hands-on training. With the right blend of theory and practicality, the course is designed to get you started on ethical hacking.

The course is easy to learn and covers A-Z of ethical hacking in 2 days.

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Student Testimonial

Feedback From Student


This Course has been the best Investment I have ever had. The course delivery was amazing and a great amount of content was covered by the tutors. After finishing this course, I was able to get an internship as an Ethical Hacker. I recommend MetaHacker to every student who wants to hone their skills.

Oliver Litt


A great amount of content was covered, through this course I learnt so much about ethical hacking and now I am able to execute hacking techniques. I took the pro subscription and turned into a certified ethical hacker in a short period of time.

Tessa Harbour


The courses under MetaHacker are so detail-oriented. I love how everything was taught from scratch and now I feel no less than a pro ethical hacker. The pro subscription is worth spending on as it covers massive ground in terms of hacking content.

Liam Mcall